5 New Years Hairstyles For Round Face

New Years Hairstyles for round face - It is not enough outfits and fashion items to look stylish, but is also important for the hair style that looks stylish. New haircut style will always make you look more fresh and different. Many people say that hair is a crown for every woman. The statement seems to be true because many women are so intense attention to the look of their hair so often out of the salon just for hair care alone. Often times many women who are not happy with his haircut because they do not know how the pieces fit and look beautiful to display them.

So when out of the salon with a new haircut, they often disappointed with the end result. For it does not happen to you, it would be better if you know some of the criteria in order to get the right haircut and beautiful, that is by adjusting haircut with your face.

Round or chubby face can be thiny with certain hairstyles. Hair touch suitable for this face shape is a piece that is a bit high and the volume at the top of the head in order to create the impression of a narrower face. Here's five hairstyles for round faces for your chubby cheeks thinny.

Length layer
hairstyles for round face
New Years Lenght layered hair round face
This haircut can camouflage form rounded cheeks. Now not a few who follow this haircut. Make a little wave at the ends of your hair and give effect to the variation chin slightly longer.

Fringe Bangs 
hairstyles for round face
Fringe bangshairstyles 2018 for round face
Front bangs will make the face younger. However, many women are reluctant to use bangs for fear of getting round face. In order to look more oval face, use a piece of fringe bangs with bangs and do not cut too short. Cut the bangs to slightly below the eyebrows. Do not forget, the hair should be cut or shaggy layers.

Bob Volumizing 
hairstyles for round face
bob hairstyles 2018 for round face
Adele has a round face shape, hair but the singer 'Sky Fall' it seems to fit with his character. long hair cut into a bob or often called lob. Make hair more volume. In addition to the impression of retro, kind of bob hair style is useful for balancing the chubby cheeks.

hairstyles for round face
pixie hairstyles 2018 for round face
Do not be afraid to cut hair pixie style. Even those of you who have a square face and chubby cheeks can look beautiful with hair style haircut pendek.Tiru Ginnifer Goodwin. Although a little chubby, but it looks interesting.

Ginnifer Godwin made ​​given the short hair bangs sideways on the front to balance the shape of his face. Noteworthy is do not let your hair on the side of length equal to the jaw, as this will make the face look wider. Cut to length at the top of the jaw.

Side bangs 
hairstyles for round face
Side bangs hairstyles for round face
Try to imitate New Years hairstyles Kirsten Dunst. Side bangs with shoulder length haircut managed to make her face look more oval.

Want to dye your hair? It's okay. The key is to highlight the effect, with vertical lines. This line will create the effect trim on the face itself.

Tips for you who have round face, That should not be the chubby cheeks
  1. You also must know that the horizontal motive is always to give wider effect. Similarly, the hair style. Haircut with blunt ends that fall, will make a wide face and chubby cheeks seemed increasingly highlighted. 
  2. Be careful with fluffy haircut 
  3. Avoid curly hair accents. If you have wavy or curly hair, make sure your hair to shoulder length. Hair wavy / curly short will make your face look rounder. 
  4. Try not to tie your hair, because it will further highlight the effect of the width of the face. Let it fall loose and cover the cheek and jaw bones. 
  5. Super short haircuts or super long. Why? Super short will make the face 'open' once, whereas super-long will also make it fall 'surrender' and re-exposed cheek when you tie it.

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