4 Best Short Asymetricaly Hairstyle "Alexandra" in 2018

Short Asymetrical Hairstyle in 2018 - If you have short hair, it doesnt mean limit you to look beautiful. You can still look beautiful even if your hair so short. How to set there up are various styles of short hair, one that you can try is asymmetrical style. This asymmetric hairstyle is also referred as alexandra style. This haircut model is focuses on the geometry and the differences in the left and right sides. 

By using this model hairstyles, you will look fresher and more modern. The short asymetrical hairstyles very suite with medium hair texture and density. This Alexandra hairstyles also recommend to you who have oval face shape.

short hairstyles

asymetrical short hairstyles

asymetrical hairstyles

asymetrical haircut

How To Style this Asymetrical Hair:
  1. Make sure your hair on moist condition
  2. Then Apply to hair an styling product (we recommend to use Gloss Drop) .
  3. Comb hair to evenly 
  4. So that the front looks neat, use a flat iron to straighten hair 
  5. Add gel / serum to make hair become shiny
Recommended Products to arrange yor asymetrical hairstyle :
To give your hair a glass-like finish, Use product Gloss Drops by Paul Mitchell

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